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Jayguru Ayurved Mandir

Ayurvedic Syrup

We are offering a quality range of Ayurvedic Syrup in the market. The range of Ayurvedic Syrup, offered by us, includes Alphagin Syrup, D-Kuf Syrup, Femagin Syrup, Gyno Cure Syrup, Memorex Syrup, Priyagin Syrup, Vat Nishinda Syrup, Zina-Card Syrup, and Zivitone Syrup. These Ayurvedic Syrups are effective against a number of diseases. Manufactured from the high quality herbs, these Ayurvedic Syrups have no side effects. We offer our range of Ayurvedic Syrups at competitive prices.

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Alphagin Syrup

Alphagin Syrup is recommended for cough & cold, body –ache, influenza, jaundice, fever and an instant relief from gripping gas, indigestion etc. Alphagin Syrup should be taken with cold water in case of stomach & lever disorder, and with warm water in case of influenza & fever. Further, we are a reliable


D-Kuf Syrup

We bring forth D-Kuf Syrup in the market. D-Kuf Syrup is ideal syrup for relief from acute dry cough and cold influenza, chronic bronchitis, respiratory pain in asthma etc. It is also used to enhance the specific treatment in tuberculosis. D-Kuf Syrup is should be taken with warm water in case of cough & without water for


Femagin Syrup

Jayguru Ayurved Mandir is a credible Manufacturer and Supplier of Femagin Syrup. Femagin Syrup is a uterine sedative that regulates uterine hemorrhage, menorrhagia, metrorrhegia, post partum hemorrhage etc. Regular use of Femagin Syrup offers positive results in leucorrhea. Femagin Syrup should be used regularly for complete


Gyno Cure Syrup

Gyno Cure Syrup is a drug for uterine disorder, pain of waist, abdomen & stomach, burning sensation of head & face, weakness due to menstruation trouble etc. Gyno Cure Syrup also increases appetite, and makes one healthy and fair looking. Regular use of Gyno Cure Syrup cures red discharge troubles. Gyno Cure Syrup


Memorex Syrup

Memorex Syrup is a tonic that is useful for regaining memory loss, regulating nervous system, promoting intelligentsia etc. Memorex Syrup always keeps one strong, creative and anxiety free. During the course of Memorex Syrup, sufficient milk, curd, cheese, and green vegetables should be consumed.



Priyagin Syrup

Priyagin Syrup is a cough formulation highly recommended for cough & cold, whooping cough, influenza etc. Priyagin Syrup is highly effective with no side effects. 2-3 tsf and 0.5-1.5 tsf of Priyagin Syrup with warm water are recommended for adults and children respectively. It should be consumed without water in case of dry


Zina-Card Syrup

Zina-Card Syrup normalizes both high & low blood pressure. Zina-Card Syrup is a sedative which controls hypertension, cardiac anxiety, coronary thrombosis, heart attack etc. 2-3 tsf of Zina-Card Syrup should be consumed with one tsf of honey once a day. It should be consumed without honey in case of high blood


Zivitone Syrup

Zivitone Syrup is an excellent health vitalizer and an appetizer that always keeps one strong, energetic, and physically fit. Zivitone Syrup acts as a blood generator that gives sound health and no restless feeling. High amount of fruits should be consumed during the course of Zivitone Syrup.